Quote Quiz

I think this will be quite demanding.

Below are quotations from ten plays, some more well-known than others. Can you name the plays ?

Scroll down for the answers.

  1. Whilst far away the King and Queen do rule / Over a golden age of monarchy / That bothers no one, does no good, and is / A pretty plastic picture with no meaning
  2. What I want you to remember as the bullets come out through yere foreheads, is that this is all a fella can be expecting for being so bad to an innocent Irish cat.
  3. The human race is a let-down, Ernest; a bad, bad let-down ! I’m disgusted with it. It thinks it’s progressed but it hasn’t; it thinks it’s risen above the primeval slime, but it hasn’t – it’s still wallowing in it. It’s still clinging to us, clinging to our hair and our eyes and our souls.
  4. The profoundest voice in the world reduced to a nursery tune.
  5. Film can express things that computers never will. Film is a series of photographs separated by split seconds of darkness. Film is light and shadow and it is the light and shadow that were there on the day you shot the film.
  6. Do it on the radio.
  7. I can’t use the word ‘semen’ at lunchtime and I can’t use it at six o’clock.
  8. You see, I’m in a more peculiar position than I could ever explain. I am a woman with a history.
  9. How in hell on earth do you imagine that you’re going to have a child by a man that can’t stand you ?
  10. Poor old Lord Mortlake, who had only two topics of conversation, his gout and his wife ! I never could quite make out which of the two he was talking about. He used the most horrible language about them both.
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